Disability Friendly Services

I completed the first Professional Disability Awareness Training (PDAT) in 2001, provided by Touching Base Inc.

Since then, I have been providing sexual services to many clients with disability. This includes people who are deaf or hearing impaired, have Cerebral Palsy, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Acquired Brain Injury and Hydrocephalus.

Each person is unique, and what is important to me is knowing how to best accommodate your needs. For this reason it is imperative that you let me know if there are any particular things I need to know about you before our session. Some things to consider may include:

Rest assured that your needs will be met with the highest level of confidentiality, respect, dignity and discretion.

For more information about the Sex Industry and things to consider when arranging an appointment please refer to guidelines provided by Touching Base Inc

Carers and other Support People

If you are assisting someone to an appointment at my home, please be assured there are numerous cafes nearby where you can wait during the appointment. Please provide me with your contact number in case of emergency, and so I can call you at the end of the appointment.

While Sex Work is a legally recognised occupation in Australia, there are still many levels of discrimination that we experience on a day to day basis - so, can I please ask both you and my client to refrain from talking about the appointment until you are in the car and please do not greet me with my name at my front door, as my neighbours may not know me by this name :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask as I will never take offense. There are no bad questions, as I understand this may be a whole new world for you too!